HEKTR Target System
HEKTR Target System
HEKTR Target System
HEKTR Target System
HEKTR Target System

HEKTR Target System

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Description: HEKTR (Humanoid Engageable Kinetic Training Robot) is revolutionizing realistic tactical training for Military, Law Enforcement, and Private Shooting Clubs. HEKTR modernizes targetry and takes current training to the next level by uniquely combining a durable, all-terrain, mobile drive system that can move unpredictably at high speeds (up to 17 mph) and is easy to control via a standard RC controller with modular and replaceable 3-dimensional, 360° bullet sensing, target tops that provide real-time feedback to the warfighter.  The compact drive base design allows users to train with HEKTR indoors and outdoors.  The full HEKTR target system (pictured above) is comprised of:

  • HEKTR drive base (controlled via a standard RC controller)
  • Consumable self-healing foam target tops (contains the specialized 4-zone sensor system)
  • WiFi base station (enables app connectivity)
  • Mobile app (provides real-time shot detection, the ability to customize and control the target tops, etc.)


  • Fully armored base with 3-dimensional modular tops - field-replaceable humanoid targets
  • Real-time 360° shot detection response with instant feedback
  • Simulates human motion with speeds up to 17 mph
  • Simple remote control - easy to use out of the box
  • Long battery life with a run time of 6 hours
  • Ideal for outdoor terrain and indoor close quarter engagement
  • Real-time training assessment data capture via the mobile app
  • Expand and complement existing static targets on your range with mobile target
  • Humanoid shape allows for users to add clothing and props for threat identification